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Your Innate Guidance System Has Answers To Your Questions. 

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There is no more important time than now, to tap into your inner "Knowing".  Your truth will give you peace.~ Naomi



Naomi's life shifted back into alignment as a conduit to the infinite after a very dark night of the soul. The rest you could say has been nothing short of astounding!

Even though it seems to be an unconventional profession to be a psychic medium, especially with her religious upbringing, intuiting has been her soul's calling since she was a young child. She has always been able to hear, see, feel, sense and know things that others around her are unaware of.

She considers the inspiration that she receives to be not only Divine but holy, from the standpoint of how powerfully it has served the highest good of her clients, students, and event attendees. It has gifted her more ecstatic joy and wholehearted satisfaction than any other work, she could have ever dreamed of. 


Naomi resides in beautiful Denver Colorado, with her supportive partner Dave and two angelic furbabies; Gracie a tiny rescue dog and Bhutta an Egyptian Mau. She loves quantum theory, dancing,  the paranormal, hot tea,  the ocean breeze, laughter, vulnerability, deep intimate conversations, miracles and everything mystical!


My journey with you and your guides was many things. It was comfortable, enlightening, powerful, visceral and amazing! I was a little nervous at first, and after talking with you for just a couple minutes, I was so comfortable and felt totally at ease with you. The experience helps me to see a clearer path to my goals and to a deeper more intimate part of true source and spirit. I do believe my perspectives have changed, a shift maybe. Along with your guides, your spirit is kind, loving, beautiful and feels set with good intention. My experience was and continues to be profound. I am looking forward to another session.

Roger R. / Corvallis, Oregon

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